Dev Blog 0.4.1

If you are reading this, thank you. I’ve been building and prototyping Dingers on and off since about last September. I’ve begun to release content for the game because the basic game play is fully functional and playable. Though it is nowhere near a finished game, I want to display its progress. I’ve been working on prototyping a couple VR sport games for a while now. My love of baseball and my ability to create fun games led me to build Dingers.

The game itself has many features that have already been built. Some of the features include smooth physics interactions, intuitive ball logic, a navigable menu, reactive pitching machine, and customizable arcade scoring. The ball logic determines if the ball is missed, hit foul, hit fair, a home run, or hits special zone targets. In the near future, the game will include interactive targets, new bat and ball art, and more advanced settings. I will be doing gradual updates here and on my social media as the game progresses and as new features are added. Stay tuned.

Robert Coomber