The following are YouTube videos of my research and development for various personal projects. The purpose of the projects are to gain a deeper understanding of the scope of user experience possibilities within Unity. 


VR Home Run Derby

  • C# scripting for scoring and game time management using UnityEngine.EventSystems

  • Using VRTK plugins for controller interactions

  • Building rigidbody fixedjoints for realistic physics interactions.

Cardboard 360 Video Player

  • Implementing Google Cardboard / Daydream SDK

  • Mobile Stereoscopic 360 video and Ambisonics audio support

  • Custom menu and 360 image gallery

VR Goalie Simulator

  • Random angle and speed puck shot generator

  • Replicating Ice Physics in Unity

VR Drum Set

  • Velocity based trigger samples for drum hits

  • Environment Reverberation


Dreams 360 Video and Audio

(Use Headphones & Chrome Browser)

  • Includes 360 degree ambisonics audio mixed in reaper using FB360 spatial plugin.

  • Recorded @ Belmont University using GoPro 360 Rig 

  • Audio and Video stitched via FFMPEG and FB360 encoder