Belmont University

B.S. Audio Engineering Technology with Computer Science Minor - Expected graduation August 2019



VR Arcade Attendant, The Rabbit Hole VR

Nashville, Tennessee 2018 - present

  • Maximize player enjoyment through exemplary customer service

  • Maintain VR headsets and corresponding computing hardware

  • Optimize arcade management software, networked multiplayer systems

Game Developer & Designer, Fivestone Studios

Nashville, Tennessee 2018 - 2019

  • Design, Prototype, and Program Fivestone Mobile Game

  • Optimize team art integration to increase design iteration

  • Implement art, particle systems, animation, menu & ingame UI, and Physics

360 Audio / Video Unity Development, Actuality VR

Nashville, Tennessee 2017 - present

  • Program, Design, and Build Custom 360 Video players

  • Implement interactive gaze based UI, 4K 360 Video, Ambisonics Audio

  • Optimize efficient programsming for Oculus Go / Gear mobile VR

  • Location recording, mixing, encoding, for dynamic ambisonics audio

Unity VR Design and Development, Robert Coomber Development

Nashville, TN 2016 - present

  • Research / Testing architectural VR workflow

  • Integrating IRISVR into architectural tool set

  • Assisting in on and off site production shoots


Unity, C#, Illustrator, Photoshop, Git, SteamVR SDK, Oculus SDK, VRTK, Adobe XD, Premiere Pro, C++ (JUCE), Google Resonance, Microsoft Office, Android Studio for Unity, Unity Editor, 3D physics, Particles, UI